Tim Kannegieter

Tim Kannegieter

Leader – NSW Active MedTech Community


We’d like you to meet Tim Kannegieter of the NSW Active MedTech Community, a member of the Venture Café Sydney community.


Tim organized the launch of the NSW Active MedTech community at Venture Café Sydney. Organized and sponsored by MedTech product designer Genesys Electronics Design and MedTech contract manufacturer Circuitwise Electronic Manufacturer.

The community aims to make it easier for entrepreneurs to develop medical devices with electronics hardware and software.


As a result of the MedTech Hypothetical at Venture Café Sydney, Tim was able to bring together MedTech experts from all corners of Australia to hypothetically brainstorm what it would take to develop an automatic ventilator from scratch in just a few months.

One connection established from this meeting resulted in Circuitwise joining a consortium of Australian companies led by Grey Innovation which won a $31 million contract from the Australian government to manufacture 2000 emergency ventilators.

Learn more on nswactivemedtech.com.au.

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