Join our diverse panel of experts as we explore the importance of supporting mental health in the digital era at all ages, as well as the challenges and opportunities of the industry.

Meet our panelists:

1. Dr. Lauren McLellan, Senior Lecturer, Clinical Psychologist and Director of Centre for Emotional Health Online Programs. She co-developed the online offerings for the Cool Kids and Cool Little Kids programs, designed to help children and families learn strategies to prevent and manage anxiety.

2. Nicholas Evbuomwan and Femi Ogunsiji, Mental Health clinicians and co-founders of Recharge Wellness. Their mission is to destigmatise mental health so that everyone has the opportunity to live life 100% authentically and can utilise help when needed.

3. Rick Hollingworth, co-founder of YourLink. Their mission is to open up the digital world for seniors, reducing loneliness and isolation by connecting them with family, friends and community so they can live a quality of life that includes happiness, a sense of purpose and feeling valued.