Clean Recovery Series
This is the start of Australia's Clean Recovery.
Be part of the solution.
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Venture Café Sydney is supporting current and emerging leaders in Australia to develop Tesla level solutions to our pressing economic and environmental needs.

Our goal is to provide valuable events to the community targeting solutions to environmental and economic issues. The Clean Recovery is a year long initiative by Venture Cafe Sydney focusing on:

  • Jobs: connecting talent with employers for new sustainable projects or renewables opportunities. Our next 50,000 jobs.

  • Major Economic Opportunities: Aggregating Australia’s green tech research with industry. The Wifi of the 2020s.

  • Startup Scale: amplifying and connecting Cleantech incubator and accelerators. Support at the ultra critical sourcing stage for Australia’s $1.5B/year Venture Capital industry.

  • Building Community:  Isolation is the enemy of innovatio

We welcome government, organisation and community leaders to share their greatest achievements in the green economy, along with the challenges and opportunities they are facing today.


  • Energy

  • Agriculture

  • Transport

  • Construction

  • Waste


Join the conversation in our #cleanrecovery Slack channel today.

If you are passionate about clean tech and interested in taking an active role in the Clean Recovery Series, please contact the team via