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How to thrive in the age of disruption!



In this interactive session, Rashid Kotwal & Barbara Sauter of RevealedResources will explain their Value Gap Analysis (VGA) method which will give you the tools to highlight what’s really important to your clients, where value gaps could exist and how to fix them.

This session will be very interactive, attendees are invited to share their own value proposition and get feedback from the audience and the presenters.


This is the age of disruption.  It’s only a matter of time before new entrants come into your market, adding value in ways you’ve never thought of.  Taking your market share.

The best way to protect yourself is to know why your clients buy from you.  What they really value about your products and services, what else they would like you to do for them and then come up with new ways to add value.

Unfortunately, most organisations make assumptions about why clients buy and risk missing the mark which impacts in a couple of ways.

You may waste resources focussing on delivery aspects that are less relevant to your clients, rather than adding value in areas that are important to them.

This lowers the perception of you solution’s value in their eyes, and increases the danger of your becoming a commodity.

On the flip side….

Hitting the mark highlights your uniqueness, making it difficult for competitors to break into your accounts.

Clients who value you are loyal and will refer you on, increasing profitability and market share. 

About Rashid Kotwal & Barbara Sauter

Since founding Revealed Resources in 2000, Rashid & Barbara have concentrated on helping aspirational business leaders improve revenue and profitability.  They specialise in 4 main areas of Vision/Mindset, Strategy, Marketing and Sales.

Their clients include Financial Services, Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare and IT.  The common denominator is they sell complex, high value products and services both to a B2B and B2C market.