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Digital Disruption & Innovation with Emerging Technologies

Market disruptions in various industries are based on powerful concepts of change, adaptability, transformation and innovation.

Learn more about how businesses are leveraging IoT & AI to innovate and unlock the treasure trove of new value assets. Anand Tamboli, author of "Build Your Own IoT Platform" shares his experience, tips and tricks on how business owners can tap into the transformative potential of these technologies without breaking the bank.

Anand explains, how companies of all sizes can tackle disruption and innovate in right sequence i.e. put customers and employees first, technology second. How to create systems capable of supporting established as well as emerging business models simultaneously, create new business opportunities and improve bottom-line in the process. 

About Anand Tamboli
Anand helps businesses to improve key metrics by finding meaningful problems and then solving them in innovative ways. Sane and sensible adoption of technology continues to be his area of focus. With a profound understanding of disruption and business transformation, Anand concentrates on solving customer problems by utilizing the latest technology advancements. He strongly believes that technology is not a panacea as it takes the right combination of people, process, technology, and timing to achieve the best results. Anand evangelizes futurism and encourages non-linear thinking. Using his cross-domain and multi-industry experiential knowledge, Anand sees things with a uniquely different lens.

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