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Refugee entrepreneurship: connecting talent, resources and programs

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be the change you wish to see.

An inspiring lineup will showcase how Sydney-based change-makers are transforming refugee lives and demonstrating how we can all better tap into refugee talent and migrant entrepreneurial mindsets to enhance local communities and create more inclusive, diverse and thriving businesses.

Led by one of our local favourites Carmen Del-Platt of Generous and Grateful and featuring:

Anne-Marie Elias, Chief Disrupter & Co-founder, Techfugees Australia

About Techfugees

Techfugees is an international non-profit organization which coordinates the commitment of the technology community to build solutions with displaced people and to contribute to meet their needs in terms of access to rights, education, health, employment and social inclusion.

Bindi Lea, CEO, Four Brave Women - The Trading Circle

About Four Brave Women

Four Brave Women operate a refugee-run café where every 8 weeks a new group of refugees take over the kitchen and run their own small business to earn a sustainable and independent income whilst being supported in various ways such as mentoring and advice. The aim is to work through the barriers that refugees face when starting work in a new country and providing them with the support to start, operate and hopefully grow their small business.  The café is a wonderful place to grab some delicious food, hang out with awesome people, and build a strong connection to your community.

Nirary Dacho, Co-founder and CTO & Refugee Talent

About Refugee Talent

Refugee Talent founders, Nirary Dacho and Anna Robson met at the Sydney Techfugee Hackathon in November 2015. They joined together to solve the problem of refugees struggling to get jobs that match their experience in their new country. Their solution Refugee Talent – is an employment platform where companies can hire diverse talent across Australia and internationally.