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Demos: Indigenous Innovation

As part of Reconciliation Week at Venture Café - we’ll be showcasing inspiring programs and people who are innovating in the name of Indigenous peoples and culture.

Come and experience:

Torres Strait Virtual Reality with Rhett Loban

Torres Strait Virtual Reality (TSVR) uses virtual reality technology to enable a new way of learning and depicting a First Nation person’s experience. It provides access and insight into elements of Torres Strait culture, stories, and practices. TSVR has been an endeavour to help promote Torres Strait Islander culture to a wider audience and highlight the unique culture, traditions and history.

Bawurra Foundation with Jesse Slocke

Bawurra is growing a digital library of stories, art, songs, languages and history shared by Indigenous Elders and community leaders. The digital library is accessed on e-readers and tablet devices that are donated to school libraries in remote at-risk communities. Bawurra Foundation was founded in 2015 by Macquarie University students and young professionals with the vision of using technology to improve educational outcomes and celebrate the rich oral history of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The organisation has grown rapidly and is now working with numerous communities across New South Wales.