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Hack To The Future!

Myles Tehan, MD, Hack Days Australia

Myles Tehan, MD, Hack Days Australia

More Australian businesses are embracing Hackathons as part of their innovation efforts - and learning how they can be harnessed to encourage more creativity & collaboration…

But it’s hard to know the best way to run a hackathon for your business. Every event is unique, just like every business... so you need to ask a lot of questions. Why invest the time? What will the business get out of it? What will it cost? How do we structure it? Who takes part? What are realistic expectations? How do I build interest? What do we do afterwards?

Join us to meet Myles Tehan (MD - Hack Days AUS) who will talk us through real world examples of successful hackthon events for businesses - learn what goes into the planning, the many ways an event can be run, how to set appropriate goals, and how to follow up an event so you harness all the energy and momentum of a great hackathon.


Myles Tehan is the MD of Hack Days Australia. Over the last 4 years he has worked with 50+ different organisations to harness the power of Hack Days & Hackathons. He is a curious innovator that is driven by a core mission of helping people bring ‘great ideas' to life!