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How to build hardware products and sell them


Building on the success and immense interest from last week’s Hardware Tech Meetup Thursday Gathering - where we saw a great need for local prototyping platforms - Sayee Ganjekar, CEO of Innovation Drive will provide an in-depth look at the strategies, resources and programs available to build and sell hardware products in Australia.

This interactive session will cover:

  • prototyping

  • design

  • manufacturing

  • costings and selling.

Sanyee will also shed light on the 70+ local manufacturing providers around Sydney available for you to bring your inventions to life!

ABOUT Sayee Ganjekar, CEO, Innovation Drive.

20+ years of experience leading teams of 10-40 staff members. Managed 30+ projects ranging from $100K-$1.7M in budget. 200+ hours of presenting and training on a wide variety of subjects including innovation, teamwork and project management.

Specialties: Product Design, Pro-E Wildfire, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Tooling Design, Tool & Die Making, PLM, DFM, DFA, Machining, CNC, QA, FEA