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Workshop: How To Put Your AI On A Leash

  • Venture Cafe Sydney 58 Waterloo Road Macquarie Park (map)

At a high level, it has become quite common to see a theoretical discussion around the negative consequences of emerging technologies, especially AI. However, when it comes to businesses implementing AI, executives still feel that the problem is far away from them. The very vague nature of these risks is the foundation of this myth.

When the technology fails, the output is mostly irreversible, and so is the damage caused by it. How do you keep your AI in control and make sure that it does what it is supposed to do, and nothing else? How can you believe, reasonably, that AI will follow your command and will not go overboard? How can you understand the risks involved before using any AI and then mitigate those risks pre-emptively?

Join the workshop led by an emerging technology expert - Anand Tamboli, and understand the top five risks that are real and live as we speak. He will discuss various forms of risks and the root causes that drive them. You can develop and deploy AI systems more responsibly if you understand the risks better, specific to your use case. Learn more about the new "AI Leash" -a practical and actionable method for keeping your AI in control.

For a taster, you can read Anand’s latest thinking on this topic here: