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Discovering ‘real’ value and risk in your business


5 Key Intangible Asset Risks That Could Sink Your Businesses

Intangible Assets account for 87% of company value today.  Yet how many businesses really understand what their Intangible Assets are or how to ensure they deliver value? Do you even need to bother with them, if they don’t appear on the P&L or the balance sheet?  Is there anything you can do now to make sure your business doesn’t go belly up in the future?

There are many different Intangible Asset classes, of which the well-known patents and trade marks typically play only a small role.  They can support a company’s brand and lay the foundations to its secret sauce.  Knowing what Intangible Assets you have and how best to look after them is critical to the success of a business, whether it’s for maintaining high profit margins, raising capital, or eventually selling your business. At best, ignoring them may lead to subsistence margins with no future of growth or possible exit. At worst, it can lead to catastrophic business failure. 

EverEdge Global has gathered many real life Intangible Asset war stories from over 1000 client engagements in the last 10 years.  Yumi Millan will be sharing some of the good, bad and ugly ones with you, and will let you know what EverEdge considers to be the 5 Key Intangible Asset Risks faced by businesses today, based on their findings.

Come prepared to have the paradigm shifted, your questions answered, and your business better prepared to face off your competitors and get a better return from your raise!

About the presenter:

Yumi is a co-founder of the Australian office of EverEdge Global, an Intangible Asset advisory firm, and Director and Global Head of Services.  She is a seasoned senior executive with more than 20 years' experience within leading professional services businesses and private enterprise in the manufacturing and banking sectors. She has extensive experience managing legal firms, primarily in the IP field, and has been heavily involved with restructuring of legal practices and setting up of new firms, experiencing the frustrations of Australian companies protecting their intellectual property, without successfully being able to monetise those assets.



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