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9 May Thursday Gathering

  • Venture Cafe Sydney 58 Waterloo Road Macquarie Park Australia (map)



There has been much media coverage and consternation within the Australian tech sector on the recent “crackdown” on software R&D. Questions have been asked by tech companies as to the viability of their past and future R&D claims, and even the viability of their funding strategy should this critical source of cash be taken away.

In this session, William Buck tax director Jack Qi shares his insight on the reasons behind the increased review activity, dispels some common myths around software R&D and provide advice on what software companies should be doing in this increasingly-complex landscape. There also will be time for Q&A during and after the session to discuss specific burning questions.

WORKSHOP 2: 4.30-515PM

Kim Chandler McDonald (CEO) and Michael McDonald (CTO) Co-Founders at Fl@World Integration will share insights on how to:

  • Form real-time data ecosystems across organisations and entities, new and legacy technologies

  • Integrate unstructured and structured data, without changing the format

  • Ensure global compliance, security and PII safety, with a chain of evidence

  • Create a real-time unified view of your customer or company, with embedded analytics capability

ABOUT Fl@World

Fl@World is a disruptive data ecosystem technology that empowers people to securely share, integrate and analyse data within and between organisations and technologies, through a real-time unified view. 


Join leaders across the Sydney quantum computing community as they enable us to better understand the impact and transformative potential of quantum computing.

A discussion led by:

We’ll tackle:

  • The 101 of Quantum Computing!

  • Building and tapping-into the new quantum economy - where will see opportunities for new businesses emerge?

  • How will this play out across key industries and where do we anticipate transformative innovation?

  • Why Sydney is poised to take a leading global role

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