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The Science of Survival in Game of Thrones

With Game of Thrones Season 8 premiering on April 14th, we thought we’d turn to what’s believed to be the world’s first peer-reviewed Game of Thrones research study!

Macquarie University researchers from Australian Institute of Health Innovation (AIHI) poured over all seven seasons to study, track and even predict the character’s mortality and survival. The research uses socio-demographic factors combined with survival analysis and proportional hazard regression modelling to quantify survival times and probabilities and to identify independent predictors of mortality, respectively.

The paper’s co-author Reidar Lystad will present the following:

  • Why did we do this research?

  • What did we discover?

  • What was the impact?

  • What can we learn from it?

With Reidar Lystad, Research Fellow, Centre for Healthcare Resilience and Implementation Science, Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences