8 August 2019 Recap: Future of Work


Stockland proudly presented the Future of Work night at Venture Café. As the title suggests, it was all about the future, with a great lineup of futurists, startups and change-makers on-board. We explored how technology will change the way we interact with the communities in which we live, work and plan for the future.

We kicked off the afternoon with an info session on PACE, the program designed to tap into intern talent. This allows students to apply classroom learning and gain practical experience in a range of settings, enabling them to explore the world of work and ‘road-test’ their career before they graduate. This session, presented by Kath McLachlan and Linda Barach (Macquarie University PACE – Professional and Community Engagement) and Yuri Matsui (Konica Minolta) touched on how this model can deliver innovative ideas for industry: “I would rather have 10 PACE interns than 10 consultants…you will get such fresh thinking...” (David Cooke, Managing Director, Konica Minolta).

Our community had the opportunity to learn more about some of the exciting companies who are re-imagining how we ignite human capital. Thanks to Crewmojo, Crowdicity and Kintell!

We then joined Rumpus Co-Founder, Caitlin, as she explored the latest in research around Play in the workplace, and the impact of Play on team cohesion and psychological safety.  We learnt new tools to try with our own teams, and explored the quantifiable benefits of incorporating Play into the workplace.  Caitlin then treated us to some hands-on art making, opening up space for creative thinking and fun.

As Council is preparing Ryde’s Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS), a blueprint for the future of your local area, the City of Ryde gave the community a chance to share what’s important to them, what they love about the area, and what they need more of, to make sure that they are planning for the communities’ needs and priorities.

Find out more on the Council’s website here.

We then hosted two inspiring and thought provoking panels to round out the evening.

First up, we had an amazing panel of change-makers, who explored how to re-design roles to manage human-machine collaboration, talent competition and foster a circular skills environment. Thank you Jordan Robinson (Faethm), Cindy Lenferna de la Motte (Co:Lab4), Lan Snell (Global MBA) and Lucy Fang (Year 11 Student, Pymble Ladies College) for your insights.

The convergence of disruptive tech with changing business models is re-shaping how we design and build work-precincts that engage and attract top talent, ignite creativity and foster collaboration. Our final session was led by Stockland, and we explored how this is playing out across a local and global context. We were joined by inspiring line-up of place-makers, designers and researchers - Maryam Litkouhi (Stockland), Leigh Staas (Smart Green Cities), Amy Nadaskay (Monogram) and Nicola Hudson (Arup Digital) - thank you!