29 August 2019 Recap: Make A Difference


On 29 August we peeled back the curtain on the elusive investor checklist, scaled our Office Hours program to tap-into local knowledge capital and re-framed hearing in a public health context.


This week, our community took advantage of mentoring from:

  • Business strategy advice with Abbie Widin, Strategy & Sales Director, Go To Market Co.

  • Digital transformation, blockchain and automation with Ollie Paakkanen, BDM, Arxxus Technology Partners

  • Support in startup financing & financial modelling with Danny Thai, Founder & Director, Solar-e

Our weekly Office Hours program offers founders and business leaders free 1:1 mentoring from a local business expert, consultant, or service provider.


Callum broke down the top items on the investor checklist:

  • A sound exit strategy

  • Depth of market-knowledge

  • Being scaleable to multiple customer types

And shared some tips on what to investigate in a prospective investor:

  • Understand their mandate

  • Alignment of their portfolio to your business

  • Understand their average “sticker” size (e.g only 30+ million deals)

  • If you get a meeting, are you speaking to an analyst that has KPIs to meet in reviewing your pitch deck as one in many or an actual decision maker

  • Their readiness to dispense capital when you need it, not have you in their pipeline for two or three years later


InnovateHear was back with Prof. David McAlpine and Prof. Cath MacMahon an examination of hearing as a public health concern. Professor McAlpine made us reconsider how we approach hearing health innovation from something we mitigate through policy or devices towards pushing for prevention or cures.

Check out the photos below! AND our program from the night.


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