22 August 2019: Future Visioning - Ex-Machina


On 22 August we’re thrilled to be exploring the future of Ex Machina alongside our founding partner Konica Minolta.

At a time when the relationship between humans and machines is increasingly blurred, we will hear from industry experts about what this means for business and society.

Translated from Greek, Ex Machina literally means “from the machine”. In today’s context, this phrase is representative of a broad number of emergent economic and societal themes. It connotes the increasing interplay between humans and machines in the workplace; its conjures images of what the workplace of the future will look like; it sits naturally alongside topics such as data driven insights, machine learning and artificial intelligence; and it causes humans to reflect on how humanity will be affected by the evolution of machines and technology in both the workplace and in society.

Join our community to pique curiosity, challenge the status quo and inspire the next generation.

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