1 August 2019 Recap: AI and Us


In keeping with our August theme Ex Machina, we explored advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), with a focus on the positive and negative consequences for us in the future with the evolution of this technology.

We were joined by the Innovate Hear Meetup, with a discussion about hearing and hearing devices and how we each engage the world around us through hearing. Phillip Nakad, Audiology Manager of the Macquarie University Health Speech and Hearing Clinic, kickstarted this conversation with his radical perspective, followed by an open discussion with our community

A thought provoking panel then discussed what practical frameworks we can put in place to ensure the same ethical, safety and risk frameworks that apply to all other aspects of life are fundamental in shaping the beneficial evolution of AI, along with who should be responsible for such critical decisions. Thank you to Jeroen Vendrig, Jo Hatton and Kim and Michael McDonald for your insights!

We wrapped up the evening with a workshop led by an emerging technology expert - Anand Tamboli. We discussed various forms of risks and the root causes that drive them. You can develop and deploy AI systems more responsibly if you understand the risks better, specific to your use case and we learnt more about the new "AI Leash" - a practical and actionable method for keeping your AI in control.

Shout out to our new Venture Café Sydney ambassadors - Alice James and Avishkar Seth!