25 July 2019 Recap: NSW Innovation Spotlight


This week, we showcased the small businesses benefiting from the Boosting Business Innovation Program (BBIP). In partnership with 11 universities and CSIRO in NSW, BBIP is delivering hard and soft infrastructure to help small businesses tap into the State’s world-leading research organisations. 

We kicked off the afternoon reflecting on Australia’s unique innovation journey with the goal to chart a pathway towards 2030 and beyond for Australia to build a national innovation policy that will drive inclusive growth. This session focused on clear strategic choices to maximise our resources, including nurturing the basic ingredients of an innovation ecosystem and expanding linkages to the globally relevant clusters of innovation that will amplify our choices of focus.

For three years, Government and research organisations have been partnering through the Boosting Business Innovation Program (BBIP) to create new ways for SMEs to engage with research and innovation. In three-minute quick-fire rounds, beneficiaries of this program shared the impact it has had on their business.

We rounded out the evening with an inspiring panel discussion, which demonstrated successful collaboration strategies and tactics to forge mutually-beneficial partnerships between small-business and research. Thank you to Andrew Ross (Bluey Merino), Zahra Shahbazian (University of Wollongong), Mary-Louise Conway (University of New England) and Daniele Neale (University of NSW).