11 July 2019 Recap: inclusivity - a global, transformative business force


As part of Venture Café’s July monthly theme of dual horizons, we explored how inclusivity can be a powerful, global, transformative business force.

We welcomed a group from MQ and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, who had spent the week on Ideation Exchange with the Incubator. They enjoyed a workshop on resume writing and learning from experience, before networking with our VC community.

As part of NAIDOC Week, Uncle Phil Duncan, Aboriginal Cultural Training Coordinator at Macquarie University and Elected Representative of the Gomeroi Nation, delivered a personal account on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories, with a lens towards the modern workplace. This provided valuable strategies for staff and organisations to contribute to positive Aboriginal employment outcomes and culturally diverse workplaces.

Anthony Aarons then inspired us with his workshop, exploring the human propensity to take risks and how this is a key for our creativity. Every good leader will have a strategy to be able to achieve their vision while also managing the risk of failure and we learnt the role AI can play in this.

The Asian Leadership Project is an Australian innovation, with their mission to fast-track diverse Asian talent into leadership. Julie Chai, along with David Field and Vajira Weerassekera provided us with insights on the universal lifelong skill of networking. They shared their networking experiences with practical tips, and the community had the opportunity to practice their networking.

We wrapped up the evening with Jane Qiu and James Behzadi, co-founders of Kintell. They shared with us their global knowledge network that brings together people looking for advice with those qualified to give it, via paid or Pro Bono video consultations. They also have provided a special invitation to the VCS community to join the Kintell platform - find out more (link valid until 22 July 2019).