Thursday 6 June Recap: Block (Chain) Party!


June is here with our new monthly theme - exploration! This week we explored block chain, with our block (chain) party.

The Innovate Hear Meetup were back for their second session, this time discussing the challenges if developing a soundscape of Macquarie University and Macquarie Park. We discussed how such a soundscape could be used, addressing a range of questions and perspectives. This meetup is led by David McAlpine, as an initiative by the Australian Hearing Hub and working towards Macquarie University’s Hearing Strategy 2030.

John Hanse from Traede then inspired us with the basics of blockchain technology. We learnt what this emerging technology is, along with how it works, what it does and how it will likely evolve.

Our panel of thought-leaders took a deep dive into the capabilities of blockchain! Iwan Winoto, John Hansen and Olli Paakkanen, facilitated by Venture Café’s Zara Crichton, explored the weird and wonderful ways blockchain can be applied and how you can tap into this emerging platform.

Martin Mulcare of Etiam loves sharing ideas and he did not disappoint with our final session of the day! We discovered where we can go for guidance about running our businesses, including options for receiving external support and criteria to use for selecting mentors, advisors and directors.