Thursday May 16 Recap: Hardware Tech Meetup

The 16th May was Maker Night at Venture Café! The Sydney Hardware Startup Meetup community joined Venture Café for a range of talks, showcases and demos and was hosted in partnership with CSIRO’s Lindfield Collaboration Hub and North Sydney Innovation Network.

We were inspired by Bruce Tulloch, Mick Whitford and Candace Lang talking about their hardware success stories! We learnt exactly what it takes to make it in the hardware world, alongside their successes and challenges.

This session was followed by another thought-provoking panel, as Katie Green, Paul Schlusser and Ben Sand discussed how we can identify, connect and grow this specialist hardware eco-system.

We rounded out the night with a rapid fire pitch session, highlighting the incredible latest creations from ikkiWorks, Kimiya, Modular Photonics, Lindfield Collaboration Hub, MQ Orbital, MQ Speed Team, OptoFab, TechGym and Tekuma.

Earlier in the day, Stanley Soh from World Courier shared insights and strategic advice on optimising life-saving supply chain networks.

And finally The City of Ryde showcased their design concept for the new public park on Waterloo Road. You had your say on what you liked and didn’t like, along with getting to vote on the new park’s name. For more information or to explore the interactive online map visit: