You’re invited to provide feedback about Australia’s Innovation Ecosystem.

You’re invited to provide feedback about Australia’s Innovation Ecosystem.

If you’re an entrepreneur, we’d love to hear from you!  

Your input will have a direct influence on the forward direction for Macquarie Park.

 About the Macquarie Park Innovation District – Entrepreneurship Survey

Part of the MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (REAP)

What is Macquarie Park Innovation District (MPID)?

  • MPID is the innovation district of Macquarie Park, centred on Macquarie University and home to 180 multinational corporations and another 200 small and medium businesses

  • With a combined GDP of $9.2bn across the precinct, MPID is also home to the Macquarie University Incubator and Venture Café Sydney (launched in Feb 2019)

What is the MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (MIT REAP)?

  • MIT REAP is an evidence-based, practical program to accelerating innovation-driven entrepreneurial ecosystems

  • The REAP framework brings together stakeholders from all key participant groups (entrepreneurs, risk capital, government, corporate and universities), to develop and execute strategies that lift the innovation- and entrepreneurial-capacity of a given region

  • MPID is participating in Cohort 6 of the MIT REAP program. Participating organisations include Macquarie University, NSW Government, Lend Lease, National Australia Bank, Ernst & Young, Kingsway and AMP

 Why is MPID participating in the MIT REAP program?

  • The MPID precinct currently contains a strong research base via Macquarie University and CSIRO, a wide range of multinationals focused on research and engineering areas, and a stream of graduates and postgraduates in STEM disciplines

  • However, to truly accelerate the area’s contribution to the NSW/Australian economy and deliver a vibrant innovation precinct, a greater level of start-up and scale-up presence that can leverage the existing assets of MPID is required

  • Over 2019 and 2020, MIT REAP will recommend and deliver a series of tangible actions designed to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation in the precinct

Ok, that makes sense. But why do you want me to complete this survey?

  • Your input will have a direct influence on the forward direction for Macquarie Park. We want to ensure that MPID is developed in a way that complements activity in the wider Sydney ecosystem, and addresses meaningful gaps that founders, start-ups and scale-ups care about

  • The first step in us doing this is to understand your views – on both MPID and the wider Sydney innovation ecosystem.  We want to know what is important to you in an innovation precinct, your key criteria when deciding where to locate your business, how much you know (if anything!) about MPID, and what you think is missing from the wider Sydney innovation ecosystem

  • We’ll factor this into a baseline of MPID’s innovation and entrepreneurial capacity, using MIT’s highly data-driven and fact-based approach as the starting point for development and execution of a strategy for MPID that adds real value to the Greater Sydney region

  • As we work through the rest of the process, we may selectively reach out to survey respondents for more detailed in-depth conversations – please let us know in the final free text comment if you don’t (or do!) want us to do this

Thanks for your contribution.

All responses will be kept anonymous and confidential

Please contact with any questions or comments

Zara Crichton