5 September 2019 Recap: Building A Collaborative Community - Maximise Your Potential

with Melissa Ryan, Joe Allen, Fiona Reyerink & Jess Ruhfus

with Melissa Ryan, Joe Allen, Fiona Reyerink & Jess Ruhfus

On 5 September we had the pleasure to host the Macquarie University alumni to learn, connect and grow.


It was an explosion of the Macquarie Alumni community, community collaboration tech and Venture Cafe’s community of communities!

We explored what it takes to be agile and resilient & how you can succeed with a growth mindset by the amazing Dr Rose Trevelyan

We held a fun workshop by Jess Ruhfus, Founder & CEO of Collabosaurus on how to tap-into the world of collaborative marketing to make your brand and campaigns thrive!


”All you need is 1000 SuperFans then you’ll have a killer business that sells itself on autopilot”

What’s the best way to measure your ‘tribe-traction’? Simple, how many superfans do you have and how vocal are they? Led by Fiona Reyerink, Executive Manager & Director of Engagement at Macquarie University, with Jess Rufhus, Founder, Collabosaurus, Joe Allen, Founder, RamenLife & Melissa Ryan, Director - Incubation & Entrepreneurship, Macquarie University.


This week, our community got to see a range of startups showcasing their tech:

  • Sustainable Schoolwear — we tried on sustainable school uniforms from recycled plastic bottles

  • YesVR - an interactive VR demo that trains you on how to get an RSA

  • Eggnado Games - we got to shoot random aliens in a VR video game

  • Farmwall - we ate some microgreens that packed a macro nutritional punch, locally sourced from beautifully designed indoor vertical farms using aquaponic principles

  • Macquarie University Incubator - we learnt about how the MQ Incubator’s program helps people turn their ideas into a tangible asset.

  • RamenLife (TechSydney)

    Joe showed off TechSydney which is the new platform for connecting startups, jobs in startups and resources. If you’re not on it register yourself as a founder!

Our Community’s Quirks

A hand written business card by a budding founder :)

A hand written business card by a budding founder :)

Check out the photos below! AND our program from the night.


Check out what cool idea’s we’ll be exploring next Thursday. We’re excited for you to join us!

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